T H E  K A R M A  H E A D  N F T

The Karma Head Music NFT collection is the first of its kind, by female musician, Karma Head. The exclusive collection is comprised of 12 Audio-Visual Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each Audio-Visual NFT fuses an individual song from the Karma Head Plastic World album with a digitised Karma Head Character. The characters have been carefully designed by the musician, in collaboration with renowned artist, Andrew Tarusov and female artist Masha Samoshina.  


The collection has been carefully curated to set the tone for the future of Karma Head. We seek to progress beyond the music industry paradigm through the power of blockchain and independently owned music. The Limited Collection will provide a completely new style of utility. Each NFT comes with granted ‘patronage’ in the Karma Head Enterprise and further utility detailed in our Whitepaper.




In a digital world, there is often an element of intangibility when marrying the 'real world' with the 'metaverse'. The album and corresponding artworks were made with love and dedication to our combined crafts. The Audio-Visual NFTs have been designed to have an all-inclusive ecosystem that caters to the physical and the digital worlds. 


We would like to encourage patronage within our community with the intent to restore and progress music culture through the power of Music NFTs and blockchain technology.

W H O  I S  K A R M A  H E A D ?

Karma Head is a female musician From London. 'Plastic World' was created over the course of 18 months. In a world where musicianship, production and the songs themselves can become manufactured, Karma Head does things with a difference. The work also was recorded and produced using analog tape and analog hardware as a means of preserving the analog recording tradition:


"I didn’t want to make a record that sounded the same as everything else out there. Writing something original that has a social conscience with a real message was an exciting challenge I was willing to undertake. Everything you hear on the 'Plastic World' album was made organically with no edits, autotune or plug-ins. the album was created at my analog post-production recording studio, with the intent to create a unique sound world.


My background as a classical composer, jazz pianist and rock musician influenced the thematic development of the work. There’s something about analog that  captures the artistry in a way like no other and that’s human spirit."